New launches to get excited about

Hello beautiful

Hope you are all ok.

I’ve been doing some research into new products that are launching very soon.

Please note that none of the pictures featured in this blog post are mine. I have obtained these from google, instagram ( trendmood1 and colourpop) and pinterest.

So lets begin

First Brand to launch a new product is Colourpop. They have a collab with Disney called Disney designer collection.


This is a 19 piece collection, an eye-shadow palette, lip-glosses, single shadows and lipsticks. The packaging looks stunning and I cannot wait to get my hands on it.


The palette is going to retail at $20, and contains 15 eyeshadow pans with a mixture of mattes and shimmers and will contain pinks, purples and neutral shades. The PR collection will be available for $120.

The entire collection will launch on the 28th of September 2018 and can be purchased from or has also mentioned that colourpop do ship to the U.K as they triple checked!


Second Brand to release a new product is Anastasia Beverly Hills. This is one I am definitely going to try and get my hands on! The new sultry palette. This is a dream palette for me it is stunning.



This palette is a mix of 14 matte and matalic shades, and launches on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website on September 25th 2018 (U.S only)

October 9th online retailers will launch this palette, and on October 12th you will beable to buy it in stores.

I am assuming that this will retail for about £42 which is what the previous palette prices have been.


So as most of us are now aware, Urban Decay have just said goodbye to the Naked palette (I still am trying to come to terms with this!), however they have made it a bit easier for us to cope with by bringing out the Urban Decay Naked Cherry palette. This palette is ideal for autumnal looks.

Image result for urban decay cherry eyeshadow palette

I’m unsure to when this beautiful palette will be launching, as its just advertised as coming soon so keep checking back with Urban decay on instagram for the news of the palettes release.

Until next time

Take care

Sam x x


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