No 7 serum boost sheet masks

Hello beautiful

Hope you are all ok.

Today I wanted to review a new product from No 7.  This new product launched on the 6th of june 2018.

Just a quick disclaimer though before I get started. For all my new followers if you don’t already know I do work for No 7 as a sales adviser. I am only writing this review as I love reviewing all skincare and make up products I have tried and as always my personal opinion will be honest. No 7 has nothing to do with anything I have to say about this product it is my personal opinion only. Thank you.

So with that said lets move on!

So I am skincare and make up obsessed, I admit it. I love nothing more than applying make up in the morning and removing it at night. I follow a strict routine every night, without fail. If you want to know how I cleanse my face and what products I am currently using let me know and I can blog that for you too. Maybe a morning routine and an evening routine?

So these sheet masks launched on June 6th 2018. I have been using them longer as we have been trying them out before the launch and I am so impressed with these. I love a sheet mask and will use one at least once a week as part of my routine. These are like nothing I have tried before. For me I think one of the bonuses of these masks is that they tie over the ears so that the mask is held on your face well. Gone of the days of lying on the bed or in the bath trying to straighten out my mask for the 15-20 mins i’m lying there, I can hoover in these masks and they don’t feel like I’m wearing one.  Another bonus is these go to the neck as well.

So lets look at the facts about these masks.

Each sheet mask is infused with 1 week’s worth of No 7’s anti-wrinkle peptide technology – Matrixyl 3000 Plus ™ – to provide a 7 x concentration of age-defying actives to the skin in just 20 minutes.
The mask is designed to adhere seamlessly to facial contours for a secure fit & for improved delivery of its active ingredients.

Instant results:
Formulated with hydrating Hyaluronic Acid to replump and smooth the skin. Instantly skin looks more radiant, smoother & texture feels improved. After 2 weeks skin looks younger & the appearance of lines is visibly reduced.

There is an Introductory offer of £20 for No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Serum Boost Sheet Mask. Full price of £25 will be charged from 04.07.2018
But as an added bonus if you spend just £4 in a boots store you will receive a No 7 voucher which gives you an extra £5 off so that’s a massive £10.00 saving.

There are four masks in each box so you have a months supply. They do them in the protect and perfect range, lift and luminate and the restore and renew ranges.






So what did I think?

For me personally these are by far the best sheet masks I have used. They fit to the face really well and you really do get instant results, it seems to give my skin a great pick me up. It looks fresh and revitalized, my skin no longer appears dull. The product really soaks into the skin so when the mask is removed the amount of serum left to press into the skin really does soak in. I have used masks in the past where I have had to wipe the remainder of the product away and it just feels pointless.  I use it alongside my serum as an added boost.

Do I recommend you try these? Definitely yes.

Do I think these are worth the money? Yes

Will I continue to use them YES!!!!!

 I appreciate that everybody’s skin is different and what works well for one person doesn’t always work well for somebody else, but if you don’t give it a try you will never know. For me these are perfect for my skin and really work well so these will be included in my skincare routine for sure.

If you have tried these masks please let me know how you got on with them. I love getting other peoples view on products.

Until next time

Take care

Sam x x


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