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As a qualified make up artist  and No 7 in store advisor I find it essential to my job to keep up to date with the latest skincare products, make up trends etc, so I will follow various you tube channels and blog posts, instagram and twitter accounts, etc. I wanted to share with you today my favourite Bloggers. Please click on the links provided to see for yourself how great these bloggers really are.

1- So my all time favourite has to be nowandgen.  (picture not my own it is copied and pasted from Gens blog site)

This is a lady who’s blog I will visit to get inspiration, not just about skincare but about life, recipes, fashion, books, parenting.

There is something about the way she writes, that captivates and inspires me, everytime I read an article. Please head over to her page and take a look for yourselves. She can also be found on twitter, instagram, and you tube.

This is a small clip of the all about me that Gen has written on her page.

Hi I’m Genevieve (or just Gen to those that know me best).  I’m a daughter, sister, mother, and wife. I’m also a traveler, reader, artist, activist, actress and lover of life and adventure. A California girl from birth, but a mountain girl at heart. My life has certainly been a wild ride, but with each unexpected turn I’ve been lucky enough to surround myself with people that mentor, encourage, and inspire me.

Ready for the cliff notes version? I was born in the Bay Area, grew up in a sunny valley of Idaho (which I consider my hometown), then spent time in Carmel before moving to New York City to attend NYU. Life then brought me to Los Angeles where my career began, but quickly shifted to Albuquerque (yup that one is hard to spell) when I was cast in a tv show, Wildfire. After a few more moves, I finally found home in Austin, Texas where I now  live with my three kids (Tom, Shep and Odette), husband Jared (yes, that guy from Supernatural among other things), eight chickens, and a dog named Arlo.

Please head over to her page and subscribe as this is definitely my favourite blog to read, and I know that it will soon become one of yours too.

2- Honesty for your skin.

( Picture has been copied and pasted from Cheryls blog page.)

The lady behind this blog is Cheryl Woodman. I did a blog earlier this week on a article that she wrote about the no 7 line correcting booster serum

This lady has all the info you need about skincare products and the ingredients. Whats good for your skin type, and whats best to avoid, the best foods to eat for your skin. She discusses the best natural  make up to buy. I’m pretty sure she has the answers to many of your questions. I came across Honesty for your skin when I was researching a product ingredient, the information I recieved about  it was amzazing, and easy to understand.

Check out her blog now by clicking on the link below.

3- The sunday girl.

This is a small clip taken from the about page


The Sunday Girl is a website solely dedicated to beauty – the products we use, love, adore, sometimes abhor, complete with the stories and people behind them. We like to think that the subject of beauty is a fascinating, complex and never ending tale, and just like you we can’t get enough of the latest launches, cult products or celebrity must-haves; the difference is we can’t help but document our adventures along the way and hope you’ll join us in discoveries both old and new.
After seven years of punching away at keyboard keys, arms permanently stained with make-up swatches and more than one groaning bathroom shelf, along the way The Sunday Girl has won several industry awards for its service to and dedication to lipstick (maybe not quite – most notably a Cosmopolitan blog award and a Johnson & Johnson Award for Best Beauty Blog, amongst many others.
This is a great blog, the sunday girl covers beauty books to extend knowledge, fragrances, make up skincare, she addresses sleep, and reviews products too.
Please click on the link to her page below
So these are my go to beauty bloggers, please go and check out their pages, I will list a few more beauty bloggers down below, these are also blogs I have come across but only recently, so let me know if you are subscribed to any of these.
Let me know your favourite bloggers, I always love finding new blogs to read. If you check out any of my favourite blogs now and gen, honesty for your skin, or the sunday girl let me know what you think.
Until next time
Take care
Sam x x

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