Hello Beautiful

Hope you are ok and have had a great week, I can’t believe it’s Friday again!

So today I wanted to talk about a product, that I have had in my make up case for at least a year, and I have recently re discovered it. Its a product that I got cheaper than it should have been as I wasn’t willing to pay the amount of money for this product, as Big brand names such as urban decay, Too faced sell the same kind of product for about the same price. Although Younique is a very well known company which has done so very well I wasn’t willing to pay the full price. Please keep reading to find out what product I am talking about and what I think of it.

So the product that I am talking about is…………………………………………………………………………..


The Younique moonstruck Addiction shadow palette no 1.

Now Younique as a company has done amazingly well. Many people have joined and are now representatives with lots of amazing benefits.

When this little beauty dropped through my door, I was excited to check it out myself and decide for myself weather I believed this was worth £38.00.


So this palette contains 7 shadows, matte, pearl and shimmer shades. You can create day and night looks using just this one palette.

So is it worth £38.00? When I opened this I found the packaging was amazing I would say extremely hard wearing and quite compact. The colours are really lovely and I could see straight away that they would complement each other well.

It was when I decided to try them out, that was what sold it to me. The colours are so pigmented, blend beautifully and last all day without creasing.  You can create a few looks with this palette, its one of those palettes that is ideal  when travelling.

This palette is definitely worth the money, and yes I would repurchase it without a doubt. There are 5 palettes in total and would love to try them all. There is also a anniversary edition too which looks so colourful.  Here is the everyday natural eye look I created with this palette this morning.

20171117_113708 20171117_11360920171117_113517

I will leave a couple of links below for some younique representatives. If you have any questions for them or would like to visit there website all the info you need will be here.

Have a great weekend

Until next time

Take care

Sam x x


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