Make up look Using the Jacklyn hill palette.


How are you this morning? I hope you are having a great week so far. So I have been playing around a bit more with my new jaclyn hill palette and I must say there are not only some amazing colours in this palette, but they blend so well and feel so creamy. The colours are extremely pigmented.

So this is me before I started,


and this is the finished result. The camera hasn’t picked up the bronzed look I have going on! not sure if its flashback or the lighting by the window x


Tomorrow Im going to create a look using the blue in the palette, for thoses of you that might not have seen the palette yet here is a peek inside for you.


For todays look I used the two teal/green colours at the bottom left and the black on the far right. I also used the forth one from the left on the second row down as my transition shade.

Let me know what you think of this colour.

Until next time

Take care

Sam x x


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