Make up looks.

Hello beautiful.

Hope your weekend is going well, today I’m going to show you a few make up looks that I have created.

Let me know what one is your favourite.

1 – This is a natural everyday to day look that I created. This is a look that I would create if I was just chillin out around the house (Which I’d like to add isnt often :)) or if I’m wanting a make up but no make up look.


2- This is the very first look I created using the naked heat palette. This look you could wear during the day or smokey it out more using black eye liner along the waterline and/or create a winged look with it.



3- These are a few looks that I have created for Autumn.


4- This is another everyday look.


5- This was a fun one to create. I really loved how this look turned out, it was really stunning. I would wear this anytime of the day.


6- This was the look that I was inspired to do, by Kelly Strack, she is a you tube beauty guru and done this look as a tutorial. It is so stunning and really loved doing this look. It is perfect for Autumn or at xmas time.


7- These are looks that I re-created during my make up artistry course.


8- This is another look re-created for my course that I did. This could be adapted to an evening look if you wanted by adding black liner or a wing, you could go for a darker lipstick too if you wanted.



So thats it, a few of the looks I have tried and tested. Which one was your favourite?

To be kept up to date with all my make up looks and reviews please take a look at my facebook page. If you like it please feel free to hit the like button and share with your family and friends.

Until next time

Take care

Sam x


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